AberBann ranked highest variety on 2020/21 RGCL

Monday 18.05.2020 , news

The 2020/21 Recommended Grass and Clover List (RGCL) for England and Wales, just released, contains five new varieties of grass. For the second year, AberBann features as the highest ranked grass variety overall. Since first appearing on the list in 2018, this variety will now be commercially available to farmers in Northern Ireland for the first time.

The late heading diploid perennial ryegrass, combines a grazing yield of 109% (% of 9.87t DM/Ha), with outstanding quality (Grazing D-value of 77.8). It rates 110% for ME yield/ha, and this superior energy yield ranks it 12% higher than the average of all other late diploids on the current list. Of the 128 grass varieties on the list, AberBann’s ME yield/ha is the highest ranked.

According to David Little, Sales Manager for Germinal NI, “This energy value is a key driver to efficiency and profitability in meat and milk production.”

In official trials, AberBann shows consistently high dry matter yields throughout, with a particularly strong main season performance; rating 115% of controls for early summer grazing and 109% of controls for late summer grazing.

Once again, Germinal’s grass varieties, known by the Aber prefix, continue to feature strong on the list and are bred at the Institute of Biological Environmental and Rural Sciences (IBERS), Aberystwyth University.

David concluded, “Bringing progressive new varieties to market helps build greater long-term sustainability into our livestock farming systems across Ireland and UK. Providing continually improving varieties, and the required knowledge to grow and utilise them effectively, is a big part of Germinal’s commitment to farming.”


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