AberGain tops 2019 Teagasc Pasture Profit Index

Thursday 16.05.2019 , news
The 2019 Teagasc Pasture Profit Index (PPI) recently released, which ranks grass varieties in economic terms, shows that on average, varieties have dropped by €20 for their total PPI value.
Much of this decrease came from a drop in the quality value, which is a direct reflection of the challenges of 2018.

Each variety is valued on its overall contribution to net profit per hectare and is made up of key traits which drive profit, quality, seasonal (spring, summer and autumn) DM yield, silage DM production and varietal persistency.

Once again, Germinal grass varieties continue to be the highest performing and most profitable, according to the PPI.

AberGain has reclaimed its spot as the top performing variety overall, at €214 per ha/year and is one of the few varieties to increase its total PPI value this year. Combining seasonal growth and quality, it has continued to be the highest quality variety overall, since the first release of the PPI in 2015. AberGain, a late tetraploid, is a hugely popular variety with Irish farmers for both its yield performance, grass quality and ease of graze out.

AberChoice has held its position as the highest performing late diploid, at €189 per ha/year, meaning it is well ahead of the next best late diploid. AberChoice is one of only two late diploids with a positive value for quality, which is a key trait when selecting varieties for your mixtures.

AberClyde is the leading intermediate tetraploid, at €205 per ha/year and AberMagic is yet again the leading intermediate diploid, at €197 per ha/year.

According to David Little, Germinal NI’s Sales Manager, “higher quality varieties have the potential to support higher animal intake and performance. This results in better ‘graze–outs’ and increased grass utilisation, which is a proven driver of farm profitability.”

According to Teagasc, each extra tonne of grass utilised at farm level can increase net profit by €180 per ha. As always, maximise the return on your reseeding investment by selecting the most profitable varieties with high grass quality on the PPI.


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